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High quality frameless glass curtains

The frameless glazing system manufactured by Glass Curtains Spain does not have any vertical framework. The view from inside or outside does not change, nor does it alter the structural design of your property. The panes of glass can be slided sideways to concertina into a small space in the most convenient corner of your new space.

Using this technique, the area can be completely or partially opened or closed so you can use it all year.

Enclosing your terrace, patio with our system will increase the value of your property and decrease your heating costs by up to 40%

Our unique patented system is bottom weighted, therefore there are no moving parts which have to support the glass panels and track. Using this technology makes for incredible durable, effortless smooth operation and greater rigidity.

The weight of the 10mm toughened glass panes are divided equally and supported along the bottom track, therefore avoiding wear and tear on the components and guaranteeing excellent functionality and durability.

Our patented profiles glide on a Teflon runner system therefore removing the need for moving parts, where as all our competitors use the traditional “wheeled” systems which begins to grind after a period of time.

One other unique selling point is because the glass panes are gliding on Teflon and there are no moving parts, it is an incredibly quiet glass curtain system.

No gaps. Unlike other glass curtain systems, the glass profiles, top and bottom, are inter-connected which means the panels are flush with no gap, giving the system a very pleasing finish and most importantly the most unobscured views on the market.

Flexible to every kind of space

Glass Curtains Spain manufactures made-to-measure glass curtains which can be installed on terraces, patio’s, balconies, porches, bars, restaurants and most commercial properties. Glass curtains are not only limited to straight areas but at Glass Curtains Spain we can manufacture for curved shapes as well. We use 10 mm toughened safety glass and every installation comes with a full 5 year guarantee.

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A world of benefits and advantages

The glass enclosures installed by Glass Curtains Spain not only extends the living area of your property. They also protect your terrace from the wind, rain, dirt and dust, therefore saving you time and money on cleaning and repairs. The sound of traffic or other local noise is reduced both on your terrace as well as inside your property. A patio or terrace which has glass curtains installed also reduces the risk of theft and break-ins.